N.T.SH. “NEON” Pristina

N.T.SH “NEON” is a company operating since 2005 in the Kosovo market, in marketing and distribution of building materials and finishes. The heart of the company is located in Pristina, but we are widespread in all of Kosovo through an organized sales network.

N.T.SH “NEON” offers you collaboration in these following articles:

  • wall paint with water basis, basis and liners, hand and computer pigments, pigmentation systems with about 2000 shades
  • oil paints zmaltolac and oralac for metal and wood, anticorrosive, solvents
  • waterproof and qualitative mono insulators
  • tile joints with 24 shades
  • other complementary articles such as: tapeworm-tapes of paper, silicon, foam etc.
  • abrasive scratch cards

Our products have been targeted as qualitative products, which are widely used from the market. Our systems of shading wall paints are located in almost every city of Kosovo.

You’re welcome!