About us

About us

Our business started off in 1996 by opening a toy store in the center of Tirana known as “BOREBARDHA”

In 1998 “BOJRA NEON” was found, a company that mainly works in the production, import and distribution of construction materials. “BOJRA NEON” is the first Albanian company sector that created a distribution network covering 100% of the territory.

In 2005 “NEON KOSOVA” was opened in Kosovo. Its main purpose is spreading the Kosovo market of construction materials.

In 2006, the first and largest Albanian shopping network company in the field of marketing retail items for children, articles festive, educational and seasonal “RIKIRO”, became part of the group

Also in 2008, part of the NEON GROUP became “PT – Prishtina Teknologji” based in Pristina. The target of this company is to design and distribute air ventilation systems, heating and air conditioning.

Since 2009, this group presented in the market a new branch in the business, wine trading. “VERA IME” makes wine distribution mainly from Spanish in all Albanian territories.